Submitting your project to Ico Shill is totally free, therefore, if you feel that It would be nice to support the service instead of paying fixed fee for getting listed simply make a donation.

Litecoin ( LTC ) : LTWNXfCM8DwfdkK3j9fnbs2DqB7JchfPuC
Monero ( XMR ) : 4BAc276JdU9azNiFPhSspbDDa3PXbYV9W7ePCLY6TgoJiJGZREzSEEjbfpX1wecdyfCH1sZqzZftcQK7tdw5PS5mSMAQbWA
Bitcoin ( BTC ) : bc1q4cw9547e5cre4lvtwfrlfh0wsup4w9s9s8xnu2
Ethereum ( ETH ) : 0x575f55a8813E4458343F669701D659FBBe564B37
Cardano ( ADA ) : addr1q8w9jqu7ryg8jkyc2m82s80l6wnduxhpvt6mmanhk8pfrckutypeuxgs09vfs4kw4qwll5axmcdwzch4hhm80vwzj83qhrt3vx
Solana ( SOL ) : 3jtQWFfYYiQNtUdRhbAnMhP85CTN2TsCnV7UU4wVUJax
Tether & USD Coin on ETH Network ( USDT / USDC ) : 0x575f55a8813E4458343F669701D659FBBe564B37

Binance Smart Chain ( BSC )
BUSD, BNB, WBNB, Meme coins and everything that runs on BSC : 0xAFdA5F29220Ef6301C20392db12c4A213fB0f9e1

If you decide to support the project and if you make a donation that exceeds $500 contact us.
Crypto donations are not mandatory, they do not affect your website positioning and they do not provide any benefits. Donations are also not mandatory and non-refundable. Send cryptocurrencies to us only if it is from the bottom of your heart.

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