Pat token – Supporting the development of a crypto backed crowdfunding ecosystem.❗

What is it? πŸ”Ž

Pat token is a low supply token designed to be the fuel for a cryptocurrency backed ecosystem. Currently the token is designed with anti-whale mechanics, holder rewards in BUSD and auto LQ. As this ecosystem evolves and develops, this token will be the way projects are funded, tied to the stability of BUSD. 🏧

Why do we need it?

Crowdfunding has not really changed since its implementation. While it is fairly accessible, it currently operates on a high-risk platform. With those who choose to pledge their funds against the possibility of a successful project, at high risk of losing all their funds should the project fail. Current crowdsourcing platforms also only operate as a facilitator of funds and market awareness, outside of this there is very little in the way of support and advice given to developers. This is what Pat aims to change. βš™οΈ

How? πŸ—ƒ

Pat believes that the creation of an ecosystem that encourages accountability for developers, while providing security to investors and ongoing project support is key. The Pat ecosystem will ensure funding remains locked behind various milestone levels, meaning if a project fails the remaining funding will be returned to investors, providing them with a greater sense of security, as well as providing additional incentives to the developers to reach obtainable benchmarks.

Each project will receive a tailored experience, with milestones and goals individually agreed within project guidelines. Pat will also provide support to project developers in areas they may have little or no understanding, such as business management, occupational safety and health, legal and regulatory hurdles specific to their area and additional consultancy services.

We at Pat, don’t want to just be a financial facilitator, we want to be project cheerleaders, and do whatever we can to ensure projects become a reality. πŸ’±

Long term? πŸš€

Long term, we want to be able to provide access to crowdfunding and other financial services to as many individuals as possible. Once we have completed our crowdfunding platform, we have plans to expand our ecosystem to allow people to invest, save, trade and understand stock and shares, all within the blockchain. This is a new and emerging market, something that we believe will be a major part of financial systems over the next several years, and Pat wants to be at the front of that, especially considering how well crowdfunding will mesh with the individuals desire to take control of their own financial destiny. πŸ’°

Additional Info: πŸ’Έ

If anything, we have said interests you, why not join us on this journey? This is a long-term project, with devs that are seriously committed to its long-term goals. Not an overnight pump and dump. We value community engagement, so if you don’t want to invest right now, why not get in contact with us, join our social groups and learn more about us. We also have access to gaming servers for our holders, get involved in our community!
Token Statistics: βš–οΈ

βœ…10 percent tax

βœ…3 percent auto LQ

βœ…6 percent BUSD reflections

βœ…1 percent utility

βœ…10 billion total supply

βœ…50 million max buy/sell

βœ…200 million max wallet holding

βœ…Liquidity locked for 2 years

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