So, why would you list a project in such an empty ICO listing website?
This is probably the most obvious question that many of you will get stuck with.
The answer is not that obvious, but we will do our best to explain.

Fundraising and digital world are scaling up with unprecedented speed and you know it.
Hundreds of ICO, IDO, IAO, IEO, IFO, STO projects and many more are being developed and released every single minute.
All of this is amazing and all of this is moving the world towards brighter and more independent future for each individual.
However, your project might not get listed anywhere because of brutal submission fees that resolve around thousands of dollars or it will simply sink into the depths of chaos. – Massive database, poorly organized, lack of detailed search options and so on.

If you already work on something and you need funds for further, continuous development the fact that you will submit your project here, to the brand new platform may actually lead to finding the right people faster than expected and it also ( unlike many similar services ) is completely free.

Being among the first to submit your project to our platform will guarantee that you will reach 100% exposure, you can be sure that every single visitor that lands here will know about your project and what you do.
– You have no competition, even if you do – we provide exceptional search options.
– We only have few pages indexed on Google and Bing, but we already got the first pages. DYOR.
– Google trends is about to explode on terms like ICO Shill, IDO Shill. DYOR.
Do not miss your chance to add your project as it would take half of the time that you spent reading this article to list it.

Key features:
– Maximum exposure.
– Absolute 0 in terms of fees.
– No hidden paywalls, ‘freemium’, account limitations.
– Nice and clean design.
– No eye-poking ads to distract investors.
– No popups.
– Well structured project description.
– Detailed search options.
– Quality links and SEO.

All of that sounds way to good to be true, but how and why our service is totally free?
We want you to succeed, our own monetization model is based on your success.
If you succeed, if you decide that we were useful, you are more than welcome to make a donation.

Sign up and submit your project, it will take less than 10 minutes if you already have the project details prepared.

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